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Heart to Heart Conversations

Hullo Abundant Heart followers!

Some exciting things happening in the Abundant Heart world to tell you about!

First and foremost, "Mondays With Michelle" started this week.

Every Monday at 4pm EST, hop on over to my Instagram page @abundant.heart.tarot for free live mini readings! This Monday was REALLY fun, and seemed to resonate with folks. I was so pleased to see everyone! Thanks to all who came out live, and everyone who watched the replay.

Also this week, "Heart to Heart Conversations" started last night! This is an interview series I've started where I'll be interviewing all kinds of metaphysical practitioners to hear their stories and - depending on the guest - maybe do some readings for a lucky few live viewers!

This week was Brandi from @psychicreadingsbybrandi and we had THE BEST time! You can tune in here:

We had a wonderful time discussing her start as a psychic, working with ghosts, using a social justice and consent model in her work, and so much more! I had so many more questions for her, and I'm thinking she may come back at a later date. Such a FASCINATING person!

Brandi also has a podcast "Psychic Stories to Tell in the Dark" that you can find on all podcast platforms! If you're interested in working with her, Brandi can be found at: Book - Psychic Readings by Brandi

I'm very excited to announce that next Thursday, my special guest on Heart to Heart Conversations will be Mercury Pothocare! Mercury Pothocare (@mercurypothocare) • Instagram photos and videos

Mercury - on top of being one of my favourite humans - is an incredible candle maker, energy healer, and tarot reader. Please note the altered time of 5pm EST/2pm PST for next Thursday's interview, which is to accommodate Mercury, who lives in the UK!

Should you wish to book with him, he can be found at: Book a Tarot Reading | Mercury Pothocare

My aim for Heart to Heart Conversations series is to create a safe space to talk about our experiences, foster a sense of community while allowing community members to SHINE, and learn some new things about topics we may not have explored yet. My hope is that it feels like a cozy conversation between friends!

So grab a warm beverage and cozy blanket to join me on Instagram this week!

As ever, if you'd like to book a private reading with me to go more in-depth, you can do that here: Book Online | Abundant Heart Tarot

I have readings for every budget in a safe, non-judgmental space.

Have a great week Community!



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