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Pendulum Class and a Life Update!

Hello Abundant Hearts!

Great news; I'm running my live online Pendulum 101 class again in the New Year (Sat. Jan 8th, 2022. 4pm EST - 6pm EST)! This class was SO MUCH FUN when I taught it in October, and is a great gift idea for the holidays, for your own education, or just for fun with you and your friends! I teach a tiny bit of history for context and cultural recognition, then I teach you how to use a pendulum, help you make our own pendulum mat, and then we read for each other to get in some practice. ie. YOU GET A READING as well.

You can book for you or someone else here:

In other news, I've taken on a day job starting Monday, however I will still be available for some limited Tarot/Pendulum sessions during the week and on weekends if you would like to book with me, for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

As I am currently training to be a Spiritual Life Coach, there will likely be elements of this in our sessions as well. I've instituted a slight price increase to reflect the expansion of my services to include pendulum, astrology, and spiritual life coaching because dammit, I'm worth it!

You can book sessions with me here:

This will also affect scheduling for Mondays With Michelle and "Heart to Heart Conversations" as my availability changes. I'm still figuring out what will work best for me, and probably won't be able to confirm new times for a few weeks.

Thanks to all my Abundant Hearts for your patience as I work this out!

To my American friends, Happy Turkey Day if you celebrate! Don't forget to donate some money to an Indigenous charity, or buy products from Indigenous businesses, and to show up to protests in support and protection! Reconciliation is SUPER important, and can happen in many ways - be it monetarily, or by showing up to show solidarity!

Sending you all so much love!

Be well,

Michelle XOXO

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